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How I can help you.

My intent is to help you become conscious of the paradigms that are holding you back from living the life you have dreamed of! Whether you are an individual, group or corporation, the tools and services I offer, will assist you in creating the unique and satisfying life that are truly worthy of the infinite potential that you possess.

Therapy assists you in delving into deeper issues thereby understanding your own personal thought patterns and experiences. Coaching then becomes the practical tool in applying what you learn about yourself to your daily living. It is a personal choice as to which approach is most appealing to the individual, at this particular time in your life. Often a combination of both approaches is the "Muse" experience most people benefit from. Laraine Gordon is a licensed clinical social worker and life coach with a background in consulting for organizations. See the About Laraine page for more information on credentials and professional experience. Contact Laraine today to discuss your therapy, coaching and/or consulting needs available worldwide.

   Expectations of others are Fruitless...
   Expectations of ourselves are Priceless

Laraine Gordon